Dato’ Paduka Haji Husam Musa (born 14 October 1959) is one of the current three PAS Vice-Presidents (2011– ). He was born at Kampung Kota, Kota Bharu, in the state of Kelantan, Malaysia. Husam is the state assemblyman for the N17 Salor constituency since 2008. Prior to that, he was the State Assemblyman for Kijang constituency (2004). He was the federal member of parliament for Kubang Kerian in 1999–2004. His tenure as Member of Parliament gave him the prominence as a very capable politician in Malaysia and he received the accolade as “Newsmaker of the Year 2003” ( for his tenacity to bring up issues of public interest. He contested the parliamentary seat of Putrajaya in 2013 Malaysian general election but lost to Barisan Nasional’s Tengku Adnan Mansor.

Husam Musa went to Sek. Rendah Kota, Kota Bharu (1965–1971),Sek. Men. Sultan Ismail, Kota Bharu (1972–1975), Maktab Sultan Ismail (1976–1979). Later, He gained his degree in Economics at Universiti Malaya (1980–1983). He studied Arabic in Jordan in 1987.

Husam’s early career included a stint as Harakah journalist in 1985 and in 1990–1993 he was the Press Secretary to the Menteri Besar of Kelantan Dato Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat. In 1993–1999 he was appointed political secretary to the Menteri Besar. He is married and has seven sons and a granddaughter.